Got Blood?

Here's What
We Offer.

Our team of biologists, data scientists, and veterinarians have developed deep learning models that can more accurately provide a complete blood count for popular avian species. After all, your patients deserve the best care, and we would like to help you with that.

We are launching in January 2020! Our service will include no shipping cost, no up-front fees, and we provide results within 24 hours in most cases.

Leveraging technology from our laboratory, microfluidics and optics, we plan to introduce a point of care machine for all species used in the clinic.

How is this all possible?

Using Our
AI: Hyperion.

Recent advancements in machine learning allow for the reduction of subjectivity through data-driven image learning. At Moichor, we are using these advancements in deep learning to more accurately classify cells, reducing the subjectivity of manual complete blood counts.

Your Results.

Your experience is important to us. With you in mind, we are developing an easy-to-use patient management system to display cell counts, standardized ranges, personal base values, and predictive diagnosis.

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